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Piedmont Blues.  Home again.

In the heart of the Piedmont region of North and South Carolina, at the dawn of the twentieth century, pioneers of a new form of blues began entertaining crowds with their distinctive style - Piedmont Blues.  This "happy" new style of playing did for the guitar what ragtime did for the piano, and people from every walk of life just couldn't get enough.  The Piedmont produced musicians that would shape music and musicians for years to come, and two of the most influential artists of them all, Rev. Gary Davis and "Pink" Anderson, were born in the 'Pride of the Piedmont,' Laurens, S.C.  Their music, and other artists like them, not only entertained crowds in the first two decades of the twentieth century, they were "rediscovered" in the 1950s and influenced the music of a new generation of musicians, like Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and many more.

Now, after nearly 100 years, the City of Laurens is celebrating its history as the "Home of Piedmont Blues" with a new festival.  Come be a part of it.

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